Frequently asked questions

How do I find my shoe size? / How do I know my shoe size?

ryōka is currently doing personalized foot measuring, to make sure that the shoe fits perfectly.

after you click the “pre-order” button, we will request the length and width of your feet. Be sure to measure both feet and choose the larger of the two sizes. then, enter it into the appropriate fields in the checkout process on the website.

Why am I pre-ordering my boots?

ryōka is brand-new and doing an exclusive launch at the PAUSE fashion hub in paris. if you pre-order now, you will be able to see and get the boots. before anyone else in the world.

this also means that we need a little more time to finish up some of the logistics before we can get the boots to you.

we expect to be able to get the boots to you by summer 2019.

and, rest assured that you can expect to hear from us about the progress of your boots.

if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

When will I get my boots?

we expect to be able to get the boots to you by summer 2019.

What is “vegan leather”?

we use a unique material that we spent many months researching and sourcing. It is a high quality & durable leather substitute that is also 100% waterproof. it is not made from any animal skins, or animal-based materials.

Can I return my boots?

if your boots are in brand-new condition, meaning you have not worn them yet, we will accept returns. if you would like to return your boots, please send us an email at with the reason for returning, and we will follow up with next steps immediately.